High Quality Cashmere Product Company of Nepal


What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is the inner fur of mountain goat which is less than 16.5 micron. It is the only fur which is naturally continual. It is a high quality product which is light, warm, soft, and fashionable. What is Cashmere? Both pashmina and cashmere are derived from Capra Hircus. But the distinct difference between Pashmina and Cashmere is the fiber diameter. Cashmere is 1.5micron thicker than Pashmina. Otherwise, ‘cashmere’ is used as an Indian word, where as ‘Pashmina’ is a Nepali word. So Pashmina is considered better than cashmere.

What is Chyangra Pashmina?

Today, however, the word PASHMINA has been used too liberally that every product (shawl, scarves, muffler) made from raw material ( viscose yarn, poly yarn, acrylic yarn, or soybean yarn) which feels soft are sold as “Made in Nepal PASHMINA” which creates a confusion in the market. Those fake products are sold for $3-$5 in footpath . Due to this one of the best and expensive production, pashmina is viewed in harsh way. It is completely wrong to say that pashmina is a simple neck-wear made from random yarn. In order to overcome this problem, Nepal government and Nepal Pashmina Industries Association(NPIA) has already registered a collective trademark as “Chyangra Pashmina” (Chyangra is a nepali word for himalayan goat Capra Hircus which is found in the Himalayan region above 14000ft) in 42 countries and is on-going process in 8 more countries, total 50 countries. Pashmina products which meet the criteria including use of fur of caprahircus with a diameter of less than 16.5 micron are eligible to get the trademark. However, Pashmina product(shawls, scarves, stole, muffler, sweater, gloves, socks, blanket poncho, etc…) should be composed of more than 51% of caprahircus fur blended with natural fur(silk or wool), or it can be upto 100% purecaprahircus fur product as per requirement. The product can be tested in any lab for its quality. In Nepal, the “ChyagraPashmina” tag label can be used only after the product is tested by swiss made OFDA(Optical Fiber Diameter Analyser) machine.