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about chyangra pashmina

 What is chyangra pashmina ? Pashmina is the inner wool of mountain goat which is less than 17.5 micron. It is the only wool which is naturally continual. It is a high quality product which is light, warm, soft, and fashionable. What is Cashmere? Both pashmina and cashmere are derived from Capra Hircus. But the distinct difference between Pashmina and Cashmere is the fiber diameter. Cashmere is 1.5micron thicker than Pashmina. Otherwise, ‘cashmere’ is used as an Indian word, where as ‘Pashmina’ is a Nepali word. So pashmina is considered better than cashmere.


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About us

Our company Sunkoshi Craft was registered in 1999 A.D. according to Nepal Company Act 1991. Our company is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We’ve been exporting high quality pashmina product since the establishment of the company. Mr. D. Thapa is the sole proprietor of the company. Mr. Thapa is an experienced person who has ample knowledge about the pashmina fur, Chyangra (capra hircus) farming, process of extracting fur from Capra Hircus (Chyangra), quality, fiber length, fiber diameter, fiber color, greasy cashmere, washing, yarn spin, yarn count, weaving method, dying, checking, finishing and so on.